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100 fun ways to memorize Bible verses

Let’s face it, not every boy in your group will enjoy memorizing things. It can be tedious and even incredibly difficult for some young men.

But it doesn’t have to be. Here are some different ways to encourage your Royal Ambassador group to memorize Bible verses they can use the rest of their lives.

1. A Boy’s Version of the Bible Verse: Hand out paper and pencils. Let the boys read in unison the Bible verse on display. Then, let each boy write in his own words what the Bible verse means to him. When all have finished, let them share their verses. At the close, let them quote the verse.

2. A May Zing: Display the verse on a chalk or white board. Have the boys read the verse together several times. Erase the verse. Begin writing it again on the board, but purposely incorrectly. As soon as a boy detects an error, he calls out, “Zing!” Erase and begin again. Continue going through the verse several times before you write it correctly.

3. Active Verse: Display the Bible verse and say together. Then ask the boys to say the verse in each of these ways: At a normal pace while standing; In fast forward while jogging in place; In a whisper while tiptoeing; Shouting while marching; In slow motion while jogging in slow motion; In a normal voice while walking backward.

4. Amazing Verse: Write each word of the verse on a piece of paper. Cut a piece of yarn large enough to wrap around the room. Punch a hole or two at the top of the words and string them in order on the yarn. Wind the yarn around the room to create a maze. The boys are to find the pieces of the verse by following the string.

5. Back-to-Front-to-Back Allow the boys time to read the Bible verse from a chalk or white board silently. Enlist a boy to stand with his back to chalk or white board and quote the verse backwards. Other boys can check for correctness. When he quotes it correctly backwards, then the boy should then quote it forward. Continue until each has a turn.

6. Backwards Verse: Print the verse with the letters written backwards on a piece of paper. The boys are to try to write the words correctly. Use a mirror to read the verse correctly.

7. Basket Relay: Gather the following items: small laundry basket; sock beanbag or small beach ball; masking tape or chalk. Place the basket against a wall and a line of masking tape or chalk on the floor several feet away. Make a beanbag from a sock, filling the foot of the sock with dried beans and tying a knot in the top of the sock. Fold the sock top back over the foot and stitch it closed. (This part is optional, but eliminates the “tail” which may encourage kids to sling the beanbag unsafely.) You may choose to print the Bible verse in large letters where the boys can see it as they play. Before playing the game, read the Bible verse with the boys and ask, “How can you obey this verse?” or “What are the most important words in the verse?” Instruct the boys to line up behind the tape line and take turns tossing the beanbag (or beach ball) into the basket. As they do so, each boy must say the next word of the Bible verse. Keep track of the number of tries it takes to get through the verse. Do it again without having the words available to look at. If your boys enjoy low-key competition, decide on a plan to play the game as teams.

8. Bean Bag Ball: Make a 2′ square on the floor with masking tape. Connect the opposite corners inside the square with tape to form an “X.” Give each section a number value. Divide into two teams. Each boy takes a turn throwing a bean bag into one of the sections. If he can say the verse correctly, his team’s score is the number of the section.

9. Bean Verse: Learn the verse. Use a poster board to make a verse poster. Write the verse in large letters. Glue the beans or other material to the letters. Hang the bean verse in your meeting room.

10. Beat the Clock: Write the words of the verse on 3 paper circles. Learn the verse. Have one boy hold a timer or watch. On the timer’s cue, have another boy scatter the circles in a small area of the floor, and then assemble the verse. Record each boy’s time to assemble the verse. Repeat the activity to reinforce the verse.

11. Before and After: Make a flash card of each word in the Bible verse. Hold up cards, one at a time. Boys must say the word that comes before the flash card and the one that follows. Continue until all words have been recalled and boys can quote the entire verse correctly.

12. Bible Bounce: Secure a playground ball. Before playing, review the Bible verse with the boys. After you have said the verse several times as a group, begin the game. Have the boys stand in a circle. Bounce the ball to the first boy, who must say the verse. If he is unable to say the verse, he bounces the ball back to you. When he says the verse correctly, he bounces the ball to another boy. The game continues until all the boys have had a chance to say the verse.

13. Bible Concentration: Divide verse into nine parts. Write in jumbled fashion each part on poster board and cover each part with separate sheets of paper numbered from one to nine. Let boys play concentration until the proper verse order is learned. Repeat until learned.

14. Bible Pass: As the boys stand in a circle, the first person says the first word of the verse. He passes the Bible to the person on the left or right, and that boy must say the second word. He then passes to the right or left until the verse is complete.

15. Bible Verse Hopscotch: Using masking tape or chalk, mark off a hopscotch grid in an open area. Write the words of the verse on a card. Place a card in each of the squares of the grid. Boys will take turns completing the hopscotch grid until all have learned the verse.

16. Bible Verse Night Lights: Instruct each boy to lightly print the verse in large letters on a sheet of paper. Paint over the penciled letters with florescent paint, using a small paintbrush. Frame the sheets by taping them to a larger piece of construction paper. Boys can hang the verse on their bedroom walls to read in the dark.

17. Bible Verse Relay: Print the memory verse on a large piece of paper. Read the verse together. Hide the verse. Divide the boys into teams. Give each team a Bible and a marker. Attach one piece of paper per team to the wall. The first boy runs to the paper, writes the first word of the verse and runs back. He hands the marker to the second boy who writes the second word. Continue until the verse and reference are written. If a team member needs to look at the verse, the whole team must look up the Bible verse. The first team to finish wins.

18. Bible Verse Roll Call: Have each boy respond with a Bible verse when you call roll. You may choose for them to respond consecutively with one word of the verse.

19. Blank Verse: On a chalk or white board write the verse to be learned, leaving blanks for words you intentionally leave out. List all the words omitted on the board in a random fashion. Ask one boy to go and write a word in the proper blank. Repeat until the verse is completed. This can be done several times until all boys have the verse memorized.

20. Bob a Verse: Write the Bible verse on paper, cut the verse apart, and place the different strips and an apple in plastic bags. Put the bags in a tub of water. Boys bob for verses. The boy should read the verse and then eat the apple.

21. Break the Code: Prepare a simple code where one letter is assigned to one number. Write the code on a large piece of paper or on a chalk or white board. Write the Bible verse in code form with a blank line under the number. Prepare enough copies for each boy. Boys are to break the code and complete the Bible verse.

22. Buried Treasure: Write the entire Bible verse on yellow poster board circles like gold coins. Boys dig for buried treasure in a bucket of sand. Let them read to the group the “found” coins.

23. Can Game: Wrap empty, clean soft drink cans with white paper. Write the words of the verse on individual cans. Scramble the word-cans on a flat surface. Take turns arranging the cans to form the verse. This can be done as a group or individual project.

24. Catch a Verse: Draw a large catcher’s mitt on poster board. Cut the center of the mitt and fasten the outline to a yard stick. Write the words of the Bible verse on the chalk or white board in random order. Hold the mitt over the first word of the verse. Boys are to try to put the word in order.

25. Check Out: Write the verse on a chalk or white board, inserting an incorrect word between each two words of the verse. Boys take turns “checking out” an incorrect word. When all, have been “checked out,” let boys read the verse together. Erase. Let each boy quote the verse.

26. Color Verse: Give each boy a blank piece of paper and access to crayons. Have each boy cover the paper with colors other than black. Color over the colors with black as dark as possible. Have each boy use a Popsicle stick to scratch the verse into the colors. The verse will appear in bright colors.

27. Cut and Glue a Verse: Write a verse on construction paper and tape it on the wall. They are to find and cut out letters to the words of the verse from magazines and glue them under the words on the wall. Quote the verse when all have been found.

28. Divide the Verse: Write the words of two verses on individual cards. Mix the cards of both verses together. Have the boys assemble both verses as a group or individual activity. You could also time each boy in assembling the verses.

29. Domino a Verse: Write words to a verse on the backs of several dominoes. Lay them face down on a table. Boys turn them face up and arrange them in correct order to form the verse. Boys say the verse correctly. After that they can “domino the verse” by arranging standing dominoes to fall.

30. Dot the Verse: Print the verse to be learned in a random fashion on a sheet of paper with a dot in front of each word. Make copies for each boy. Have the boys connect the dots in proper order. Repeat until each boy can quote the verse.

31. Double Express: Explain that “express” means to “say something clearly” and “traveling at high speed.” Ask for volunteers to “express” what the verse means. Then be an “express” train and say the verse at “high speed.” Boys line up with hands on shoulders of a boy in front of them. Quote the verse rapidly. Repeat.

32. Envelope Race: Write each word of the verse on an index card. Place in an envelope. Divide the group into teams and give an envelope to each team. The first team to arrange the verse in the proper order wins.

33. Fading Verse: Write the Bible verse to be learned on a chalk or white board. Erase one important word at a time while repeating the verse each time. Continue until all words are erased and verse is learned.

34. Feather Relay: Divide into two or three groups. Have the groups stand in lines at one end of the room. A leader will stand at the other end of the room. Give the first boy in each line a paper plate holding a feather or die-cut shape made from tissue paper. When the leader says Go!, the boys with the plates walk to the other side of the room, recite the Memory Verse to the leader, return to the original line, and pass the plate to the next boy. If the feather or shape falls off the plate, the boy starts over. Continue until all have learned the Bible verse.

35. Fill in the Blanks: Draw a blank on the chalk or white board for each letter in the verse. Group the blanks for each word. Let the boys take turns guessing the letters until someone can solve the puzzle correctly.

36. First Letter: Print the first letter of each word in the verse to be learned on a chalk or white board. Let boys complete verbally as many words as they know. Repeat until all have learned the verse.

37. Fish for Verses: Bring a fishing pole with a magnet tied to the end of the line. Bring a bucket of water and plastic bags. Write verses on paper. Place a verse, goldfish-shaped crackers, and a weight in each bag. Squeeze the air out of the bags. Put several paper clips on the outside of each bag. Let boys take turns fishing for verses. When they catch one, they read it and eat the crackers.

38. Flip the Word: Use 8 ½ x 11 pieces of poster board or heavy paper. Print one word of the verse to be learned on each sheet. Punch two holes in the top of each sheet and fasten together in proper sequence with rings or yarn. Use this flip chart to help boys memorize the verse. See how few words you need to flip before each boy can quote the verse.

39. Flip a Verse: Write the Bible verse on a large sheet of paper. Cover each word with a small colored piece of paper using a piece of removable tape at the top. You should be able to lift the small piece to see the word underneath. Also, write the words of the verse on individual pieces of paper; one word per paper. Turn these upside down and place beside the poster. Allow boys to take turns turning over the smaller pieces of paper and then flipping up a piece of paper on the large Bible verse sheet. When a match is found, remove the piece of paper covering the word. When the verse is completely uncovered, lead the boys in quoting the verse.

40. Flying Verse: Use a flying disc to learn a Bible verse. Teach a verse to the boys. Have the boys stand in a large circle. Throw the flying disc to one boy. That boy must say the first word of the verse. He will then throw the disc to another boy who must say the next word of the verse. When a boy misses a word, the verse must be started over. See how long it takes to complete the verse. No boy will be dropped from the game. Just keep trying until the verse is complete. Variation: Divide boys into two teams. Have the teams stand in a straight line across from each other. The boys should stand side by side. Give one boy a bean bag or small ball. Have that boy say the first word of the verse, then toss the ball. The person catching the ball must say the next word and so on.

41. Go Fishing: Display the verse. Read it together. Remove the verse. Boys take turns “fishing” for words of the verse and placing them in the correct order. The “fish” is the cut-apart words with a paper clip attached. The fishing pole could be a ruler with a string and magnet attached.

42. Graffito Style: Write the Bible verse to learn on a chalk or white board in graffito style (words jumbled). Ask one boy to find the first word and draw an arrow to the next word repeating both words. The next boy draws an arrow connecting the third word and repeats all three. Continue until all words are connected and all boys have learned the verse.

43. Hand Down: Display the Bible verse. Let the boys read the verse aloud. Remove the verse. Tell each boy to raise his right hand. Ask a volunteer to lower his hand if he knows the first word of the verse. Let him quote the first word. Write it on a chalk or white board. Follow the same steps with each word in succession until the entire verse is again displayed.

44. Hang the Verse: Print each word of the verse to be memorized on a separate 3 x 5 card. Stretch a small rope between two chairs. Use clothespins to pin each word in a jumbled fashion on the rope. Have boys alternate to move one word at a time one space per move to put the verse in order. Repeat until all boys have learned the verse.

45. Have a Heart: Prepare a heart with the Bible verse on it for each boy. Cut the heart in half to make a puzzle. Hide one half in the room. As the boys arrive, give them a half and ask them to find its partner. When all are found, repeat the verse until everyone can say it individually.

46. Hidden Verse: Print the verse to be memorized on a sheet of paper inserting the word “others” between each word in the verse. Make one copy for each boy. Ask the boys to use a pencil and cross out the word “others” to discover the verse. Ask boys to use the sheet to practice saying the verse until it is memorized.

47. Hide and Seek: Write words or phrases of the verse on strips of construction paper. Place the strips around the room. Have boys find the pieces. As they find them, they should gather in the front of the room and place themselves in the proper order. Read the verse aloud. Repeat the search several times.

48. Hook a Verse: Divide a sheet of white paper into as many pieces as the Bible verse and reference. Draw a fish in each section. Print one word of the Bible verse inside each fish (the reference counts as one word). Make four copies of the sheet. Cut apart the sections and attach a paper clip to each one. Make four fishing poles by hanging a small magnet on a string from the end of four dowel rods (or pencils). Practice saying the Bible verse in unison. When the boys are familiar with the order of the words, scatter the paper fish on the floor. Give four boys each a fishing pole. Invite them to catch only fish needed to complete their Bible verse. If they catch a word they already have, they are to throw it back. Set a timer for a few minutes and see who can catch and complete the verse first. If you have a larger group of boys, organize into teams and rotate fishers for each word catch. When time is up, see how many boys have caught and completed the verse. Say the verse together again.

49. I Am a Verse: Divide verse to be learned into parts equal to the number of boys. Print each part on separate sheet of paper. Jumble sheets and give one sheet to each boy. Holding the sheet in front, each boy lines up in proper sequence. Call out your part. Repeat until verse is memorized.

50. Illustrated Verse: Ask boys to draw pictures of words in the Bible verse that help them remember the word. Put the drawings together repeating the words using the visual clues. Continue until all have learned the verse.

51. Invisible Verses: Using small paintbrushes or cotton swabs, write the verse on tablet paper or newsprint with grapefruit juice. Allow to dry. Heat paper gently over a light bulb. Message will appear. Use caution with the hot light bulb.

52. It’s Time: Display the verse. Boys read it together several times. Remove the verse. Boys number off and form a circle. Boys walk around in a circle until a timer rings and you say, “It’s time.” Then, number one must say the verse. Continue until each boy has quoted the verse.

53. Jigsaw Puzzle: Print verse to be learned on a poster board. Cut into a puzzle. Mix and let boys put puzzle together. Each boy says the verse and repeats it until learned. Variation: Cardboard strips may be used instead of poster board.

54. Knot that Verse: Take a three-foot length of yarn and tie a knot in the center. Beginning at each end, tie knots at three-inch intervals until there are six knots on each side of the center. Cut three construction paper flags and punch a hold in the corner of each flag. Tie one flag at the center knot to show that it is the center. Put the other two flags at the first knot on the opposite ends of the yarn. Divide the boys into two teams. Have one player from each team hold an end of the “rope.” Take turns reciting the Bible verse. Each time a team correctly repeats the verse, that team moves their flag one knot closer to the center. The team reaching the center knot is the winner.

55. Memory Magnet: Give each boy a clothespin, small pompom, two wiggle eyes, and a small piece of magnetic tape. Place magnet on the back of the clothespin. Make a face with the other materials for the front. Use the pin to hold this week’s memory verse on their refrigerator at home.

56. Mirror Writing: Practice mirror writing using a Bible verse. Use a small mirror with pen and paper. Place a book to stand in front of the mirror. Place the paper in front of the book and the mirror in front of the paper. Look into the mirror to see the paper and write the verse. Younger boys may write only one word of the verse. Use a mirror to decode the words.

57. Missing Words: Write key words of the verse on a chalk or white board omitting the key words on the cards. Ask boys to place their word cards in the proper place as they say the verse. Shuffle cards and repeat until all have learned the verse.

58. Monk Style: Print the Bible verse to be learned on cards with no spaces. Have boys use a pencil and divide letters into proper words. Repeat the verse aloud until all have it memorized.

59. Now You See It: Write the verse on a poster board. Cover the verse with another poster board by taping across the top edge. Do not allow the boys to see the verse before the game. On the first round, reveal the verse to the boys for five seconds. See if any boy can repeat the verse. Increase the exposure time on future rounds until all the boys have learned the verse.

60. On Line: Let the boys read the Bible verse together. Remove the verse. Hand out flash cards of the verse, one word to a card. Ask the boys to arrange themselves “on line” in the correct order, each holding his flash card in front of him. Let a monitor check with the Bible to see if the words are in the correct order. If not, the monitor will rearrange the boys. All read verse. Then, turn the cards around and let all quote the verse.

61. Paint a Verse: Boys use manila paper to write a Bible verse with a white crayon. Brush diluted blue tempera paint on it to reveal the Bible verse. Say it aloud several times. Talk about the verse. Ask the boys what they believe it means. After the paint dries, tape their verse paintings on the wall.

62. Pass the Penny: Form a circle as the boys stand with hands folded together, palm to palm. Start passing a penny around the circle as music plays. When the music stops, the boy with the penny must recite the verse. Game is over when time is called or when everyone has a turn.

63. Pass the Thimble: Print a few words of the Bible verse on a small strip of paper. Practice saying the Bible verse. Place the strip of paper in a thimble. Play the game of “Thimble, Thimble” by dropping the thimble into the cupped hands of boy. The boy tries to say the verse by using the key words. If the boy says the verse, he becomes “It” and gets to place the thimble in someone else’s hands.

64. Photograph a Verse: Write words to a verse on separate sheets of construction paper. Take pictures of each boy holding a word to the verse. Boys then use the pictures to arrange the words to the verse in proper order. Tape to poster board.

65. Picture It: Draw simple pictures that represent the first letter of each word of the verse. Help boys guess what the word is that starts with the same letter in the picture. Write the word below the picture.

66. Picture Verses: Display a Bible verse for all to see. Distribute paper and markers or crayons. Let each boy draw a picture of what the verse means to him. Each will describe his or her picture to the group and after the description, he will quote the verse.

67. Pop Verse: Print verse portions on slips of paper. Roll the paper slips and insert in a balloon. Have boys blow up balloons and pop them. Let them work together to put the verse in order. Use slips to prompt boys to repeat verse until memorized. Variation: Divide boys into teams. Provide balloons for each team (1 color per team). Place strips of paper containing the words or phrases in the balloons. Put inflated balloons in boxes according to team color. Boys must race to their team box, pop the balloon, and tag the next teammate. Boys must place the strips in order after all balloons are popped.

68. Puffy Verse: Use a felt tip marker to write one word each of the verse on large marshmallows. Use enough marshmallows to write the verse twice. Jumble the marshmallows in the center of the table. Learn the verse. Have the boys work in two groups to assemble the verse by sticking the marshmallows together with toothpicks.

69. Quote That Verse: Let boys study the verse to be learned. Let each boy say how many words the leader has to say until he can complete the verse. Continue until all can say the verse without help.

70. Read and Write: Display the Bible verse for all to read. Remove the verse. Let one boy at a time come to the chalk or white board and write one word of the verse, in sequence. When the entire verse is written, have the boys read it together. Then, erase the verse and quote it.

71. Record a Verse: Record the verse on a tape recorder. Play the verse over several times. Stop the tape and leave off the last of the verse, allowing the boys to complete the verse. Continue to stop the tape so that the boys can say the whole verse without the tape.

72. Sandy Verse: Write a Bible verse in large letters and put it on a wall. The first person uses his finger to write the first word of the verse in sand that is in a shoebox lid. The next boy writes the second word in another shoebox lid and so on. Boys walk past the sandy verse and read it.

73. Scrambled Letters: Write the Bible verse on the chalk or white board but scramble the letters of most of the words. Boy are to unscramble the letters to find the words of the Bible verse.

74. Scrambled Verse: Write the verse on a small sheet of paper with the words in incorrect order. Learn the verse. Give each boy a copy of the scrambled verse along with scissors, glue and _another sheet of paper. Have the boys cut the words out and glue them to the second sheet in order.

75. Scripture Acrostic: Print the first letter of each word of the verse to be learned on the chalk or white board in the form of an acrostic. Give each boy a sheet of paper and pencil and let him write out the words of the verse. Have them use the Bible if needed. Let them repeat until each boy can recite the verse.

76. Scripture Song: Print the verse to be learned on a poster board. Help the boys put the verse in a song form and sing it. Sing it over and over until each boy has memorized the verse.

77. Share-a-Verse: Have the boys sit in a circle. Whisper the first word of the verse to one boy. He will then whisper that word to the next person and so on and so on until the last person who will say the word aloud. Whisper each word to the first person as he has passed the word to the next person. Can the last person say the entire verse aloud without any mistakes?

78. Show Me: Let the boys read the Bible verse in unison. Then let each boy in turn act out what the verse means to to him. Other boys will guess what he is doing. The one guessing correctly then quotes the verse. Repeat until all have had a turn.

79. Sing-a-Verse: Write the Bible verse on a sheet of paper or board and all the boys a few minutes to review it. Cover the verse so that the boys cannot see it. Ask for volunteers to sing the verse, making hand motions if possible. Variation: Instead of having the boys sing the verse, have them say it slowly. Then faster and faster and faster.

80. Skip It: Read the verse on a chalk or white board or display a printed verse. Boys read the verse together several times. Remove the verse. Ask a boy to say the verse, skipping every other word. The next boys skips the words just quoted.

81. Spill the Verse: Make several copies of the verse on construction paper. Cut the paper into several pieces and place in a baby food jar. Tape the Bible reference to the outside of the jar. Boys are to spill the verse onto the table and try to put it together. Check the verse by looking up the Bible reference.

82. Spin the Verse: A Bible verse is written on a sheet of paper and taped to the outside or a soda bottle. Have boys sit in a circle. “It” sits in the center and spins the bottle. Whoever the bottle points to when it stops spinning must read the Bible verse out loud. Repeat.

83. Stained-Glass Verse: Use finger paints and 2-liter plastic bottles to create a hanging verse reminder. Remove any paper from the bottle. Write the verse with different colors of paint around the bottle. Use string to hang the bottle.

84. Step on It: Print each word of a verse in large letters on a separate sheet of paper. Tape in random order onto the floor, close enough for succeeding words to be reached in a step. Boys should step on one word at a time in the proper order to quote the verse. Repeat until all the boys have “Stepped on it.”

85. String Verse: Write the verse on poster board using colored yarn or string. Lead the boys to write the verse with glue and then write the verse with the yarn or string along the glue lines. You can cut the yarn or string into small pieces or work with one long piece.

86. Tic-Tac-Toe: Divide the boys into two teams, the “X”s and “0”s. Draw a tic-tac-toe grid on the chalk or white board. Have the team members recite certain portions of the verse, eventually reciting the verse in its entirety. Each time the team members correctly recite the verse and its sections, mark Xs and Os on the grid until a team gets three in a row.

87. Tie Up a Verse: Print each word of the verse to be learned on 3 x 5 cards. Make several sets. Give each boy a 1 piece of yarn. Punch a hole in the top of each set of cards. Jumble them and ask the boys to thread the cards onto the yarn in proper order. Repeat until each boy can repeat the verse from memory.

88. Token Recall: Say this Bible verse together as a group. Then, have the boys close their eyes. Place a token (small token or inexpensive items for tokens such as candy, erasers, pencils, or other items) under the chair of one of the boys. Ask, “Who’s got the token?” to signal for the boys to look under their chairs. Whoever has the token stands and says the verse aloud. If he says it correctly, he gets to put the token under another boy’s chair. Give him a token to keep for saying the verse. Be certain each boy is rewarded for attempting to say the verse, even if he does not say it perfectly.

89. Total Recall: Write the Bible verse on the chalk or white board. Let all boys read the verse together several times. Erase the verse. Call out, in random order, a letter that begins one of the words in the verse. Boys must raise hands and say the correct word that begins with the letter called. Write the word on the chalk or white board. Each time a letter is called, each boy will have to say the entire verse to himself or herself or herself to recognize the word. Continue until the entire verse is again on the chalk or white board.

90. Touch a Verse: Stuff a long sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans with hay, cloth, or newspaper. Pin them together at the waist. Seat this “person” in a chair. Write the words of the’ Bible verse on separate 3 x 5 cards. Pin them in random order on the “person.” Boys touch the cards in the correct order and say the words.

91. Triazzle: Write the Bible verse on a 3 x 5 card for each boy. Cut each card into three triangles. Mix all triangles on a table. Let each boy find three triangles that, when put together, contain the entire verse.

92. True/False: Say the Bible verse together several times. Then, change words in the verse and read it aloud to the boys. Let them determine if the reading is true or false. If it is false, they should identify which words were added or removed.

93. Undercover Verses: Print a Bible verse on a piece of construction paper. Cut another piece of construction paper into eight jig-saw pieces. Cover the Bible verse with the jig-saw pieces, each attached with a small piece of rolled masking tape at the back. Number the puzzle pieces one to eight. Let each boy have a turn calling out a number. Remove that puzzle piece. See if the boy can quote the verse. If not, then another boy calls out a number and so on until someone can quote the entire verse. The same jig-saw pieces can be used on a number of different verses.

94. Verse-a-Round: Draw a large circle on a piece of poster board. Write the verse, one letter at a time, around the circle. Cut circles or squares from construction paper to cover each letter. Use coins as playing pieces. Use one numbered cube. Each boy will take a turn by throwing the cube and moving his or her game piece around the circle the number of spaces thrown. One letter will be exposed. The player will guess the word and then attempt to say the whole verse. The letters will be re-covered if the response is not correct. The player who can say the whole verse correctly wins the round.

95. Verse Art: Give each boy a blank sheet of paper and access to crayons or markers. Ask the boys to draw a large circle on the paper. Lead the boys to write the words of the verse around the circle. Help younger boys. Instruct the boys to draw and color a picture related to the verse in the middle of the circle. Motivate the boys to memorize the verse while drawing the picture.

96. Verse Bracelets: Print the verse on a strip of paper and tape together to form a bracelet (hospital bracelets will work well for this activity). Ask the boys to wear the bracelet until they can repeat the verse without looking at it. Allow the boys to decorate their bracelets if they so choose.

97. Verse Chain: Print the words to the verse on separate strips of paper, 1 x 6 . Give each boy one strip. After repeating the verse several times with the boys, ask them to assemble the chain by putting the words of the verse in order. Staple the chain together.

98. Verse Chase: Write each word of the verse on small cards. Learn the verse. Tape one card on the back of each boy. Have the boys assemble the verse on their own. They should line up so that each boy can see the word in front of them. Have the boys repeat the verse by reading cards one at a time. The firs

t boy can give the reference.

99. Verse Cube: Secure from a craft book directions for making a cube from a cardboard milk carton. Help each boy make a cube. Cover with paper. Write the verse to be learned on the cube. Let boys pass the cube and practice the verse until all have it memorized.

100. Verse Flash Cards: Make flash cards for each word of the verse to be learned. Use the cards to help boys memorize the verse.


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