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The Legion of Honor Award is the highest honor that can be bestowed on an individual in the area of Royal Ambassador and Challenger work.


It is for men who have dedicated themselves the task of bringing boys and young men to God through Christ by fostering programs of mission education and mission action along with special emphasis upon personal involvement of the individual.

The nominee is then presented to the state committee for further consideration. 

Presentation of the Award is made at Campout & Missions Mania, and can also be presented at the leader's church.

Previous Recipients

Years indicate the time it was awarded. Have a leader that you'd like to recognize? Send in all corrections and nominations to our office Contact Us

  • Dr. Jimmy Allen, 1973

  • Cameron Byler, 1973

  • Bob Chapman, 1973

  • Bob Dixon, 1973

  • Russel Pogue, 1973

  • Dewey Baldwin, 1974

  • Douglas Beggs, 1974

  • Ivaloy Bishop, 1974

  • Charles Eliot, 1974

  • Damon Hollingsworth, 1974

  • Joe Lenamon, 1974

  • Ernie Liebig, 1974

  • John Overton, 1974

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